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For decision makers in most companies IT is complex matter. It costs too much money, takes too much time, and eventually does not deliver the expected result.

IT providers who offer their services are often not committed to their customer. Neither to their business, nor to the problem at stake.

Many IT projects fail due to miscommunication and misconception between IT demand and IT supply. Organizations want to get a grip on IT costs, delivery times and performance.

Why pick eQTeam?

  • Due to our competence and commitment, we bring IT projects to successful completion.
  • When IT projects have derailed, we are capable of clarifying the problem, the target and the roadmap, and get things back on track to a successful end.
  • We can act as an independent judge during software selection projects or for assessing existing IT offers or suppliers.
  • For a second or even third opinion you can come to us, when you have doubts about the knowledge and ingenuity of your IT supplier.
  • Being experienced IT problem-solvers we can act as an intermediary between customers and IT suppliers to lead projects to completion meeting expectations.
  • We can help get a clear picture of the IT landscape after companies have taken over or merged with other companies.
  • Having been there, we know that expectation management with stakeholders at all levels is essential when dealing with sensitive IT related projects.
  • We are capable of alternating between a helicopter view and a detailed scan. IT systems as a whole only work well when details are right.

Do not hesitate and contact us now.

eQTeam - Committed IT Guidance

IT misconceptions

In the IT area there are still some stubborn misconceptions. Many of those come to light when a project or part of it has gone awry. Some common misconceptions are:

  • IT problems are often considered as something purely instrumental that can be delegated to an external party which assumedly knows exactly what the customer wants. This is rather unintelligent.
  • Management considers an accountant auditing and verifying a company's bookkeeping, as something quite normal. Auditing and verifying IT systems are considered unnecessary, however. This is quite a risk.
  • It is also very common that an IT facilitator is oftentimes rather a 'complicator' than a party which is able to simplify matters and gets things done.
  • A large IT project needs a sponsor at higher management level who can and will commit to its results, and who is involved during execution. Many companies do underestimate this and sponsors pulling back when potential problems arise are not unusual.


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