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IT challenges

  • IT systems and internet are indispensable, however bad implementations could be dispensed with.
  • IT projects are getting more complex, mainly because decision makers find it hard to go for simple solutions.
  • Nearly all large IT projects fail due to non-technical issues.
  • For government, accessibility guidelines for digital services are getting more important each day.
  • Committed customer oriented IT companies are hard to find.

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Focus areas

  • Committed IT Steering

    We act as a critical guide for many customers having IT challenges. eQTeam is on your side combining knowledge and commitment, unlike many of our competitors which choose to join sides with IT vendors.

    eQTeam can provide help. eQTeam - Committed IT Guidance

  • e-Business

    Without e-Business your company won't do much business in a digital world. Your customers expect 24*7 on-line presence. And your suppliers want to exchange data in a fast, efficient and reliable way.

    eQTeam can provide help. eQTeam - e-Business

  • Information & Data Management

    Information management is about the acquiring, monitoring, and managing of your business information. Data is present in abundance in many companies, however is hardly ever managed centrally. Do you possess unorganized data and lack steering information?

    eQTeam can provide help. eQTeam - Information & Data Management

  • Open-source Software Implementations

    Open-source software is not only free of charge, but most importantly, unattached software. By opting for open-source programs tailored to its needs, a company stays in charge and avoids the well known vendor lock-ins.

    eQTeam can provide help. eQTeam - Open-source Software Implementations


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