Open-Source Software Implementations

Open-source software tailored to a company's needs
are often better suited than high priced standard packages.

What is open-source software?

Open-source software is software which source code has been made available, and which can be used and adapted to suit your company's needs.

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In the past few years, open-source software supply has increased considerably. In many different target areas one can select from a number of packages. A potential customer is being confronted with a serious selection problem.

What is a vendor lock-in?

Most software of renowned suppliers like Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM, etc. are packages for a certain operating system giving the user only a license of use, and allowing only the supplier to make any changes to the software. This software of which the source code is mostly unavailable, is called proprietary software.

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Delivering proprietary software is the one way to tie customers to IT vendors. Doing this is commonly referred to as a vendor lock-in in which the customer is being 'captivated' by expensive upgrades and maintenance contracts.

From a survey conducted in 20121) it was concluded that avoiding a vendor lock-in was the most important reason to opt for open-source software.

Safe and of high quality

A recent investigation indicates that open-source software in general is more safe than proprietary programs, and that they contain less errors 2).

Lower is safer

Blue = Open-source software
Red = Proprietary software

Source: TechRepublic - June 3rd, 2014

We say: pick high quality and safe open-source software and stay in charge of your IT solutions.

Tailor-made implementations

In general business software needs to be implemented company wide, when aimed at supporting business processes. This is no different for open source software.

Aside from obtaining and installing the right software, implementation comprises of configuration, integration with other business systems, organizational embedding, and changes to certain business processes. Mostly tailoring part of the software is also required to get an optimal fit.

Why pick eQTeam?

  • We understand open-source software as well as its company wide implementation.
  • We are experienced in integrating open-source software with existing IT systems.
  • We do modifications to the software respecting the core-solution.
  • We respect open-source licenses and deliver the source code of the core-solution, installed plugins, and all the tailoring we did.

Do not hesitate and contact us now.

Open-source applications


DokuWiki is a very popular open-source Wiki tool. It supports easy layout rules to rapidly construct pages showing an attractive and uniform layout.

The software is well written and very mature. Many plugins are available to modify or enhance standard functionality.

eQTeam has lots of experience implementing DokuWiki to construct different types of applications.

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Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables one to build Web sites and powerful online applications. Many aspects, including its ease-of-use and extensibility, have made Joomla the most popular Web site software available. Joomla is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone.


WordPress is a Content Management Systeem (CMS) which can be used to build and maintain websites easily. WordPress started out as a weblogsystem, but has matured into something far bigger than a blogging-platform. It is used by many big brands and companies to build websites and even webshops.

eQTeam has a clear vision on Wordpress, and knows when it is suitable to be used for a specific business purpose.

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The open-source version of Pentaho is very well suited to do a pilot project in the areas of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing.

A very recent implementation of Pentaho was the one at NASDAQ QMX 3).


Suite of Open Source reporting tools that enables the creation of relational and analytical reports from a wide range of data-sources.

Pentaho's open source heritage drives our continued innovation in a modern, integrated, embeddable platform built for the future of analytics, including diverse and big data requirements.Pentaho on LinkedIn

In the 2012 open source annual survey we conducted, the number one reason for adoption of open software was freedom from vendor lock-in.
Coverity, a company specializing in software quality and security testing solutions, finds that open source programs tend to have fewer errors than proprietary programs.
April 16th, 2014
Delivering the future of analytics, Pentaho Corporation today announced NASDAQ OMX (NASDAQ: DNAQ), the world’s largest exchange company, has revamped their legacy system leveraging Pentaho Business Analytics to create a scalable, cloud-based big data integration and analytics platform. By embedding Pentaho, the NASDAQ OMX enterprise deployment is faster and more powerful for users reducing costs by half of the company’s previous solution. With Pentaho, a single development team replaces the work previously done by a mix of development, system admins, and database administrators contributing to the overall cost reduction. February 17, 2015, STRATA + HADOOP WORLD 2015, SAN JOSE, Calif.


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